Red Rock Bakery & Deli (My Oklahoma Travels)

For my last stop, Scarlett and Alex took me to Red Rock Bakery & Deli. Red Rock is located at 910 N. Boomer, Stillwater, OK 74075. Red Rock Bakery & Deli only has one location, but you can find Red Rock’s donuts at many of the OnCue Express stations in Stillwater. Red Rock is known for their freshly baked breads, and I must say they are rather delicious. Scarlett told me that due to COVID-19 Red Rock had taken out a lot of their dine in seating to create distance. But usually when you walk in there is a large table that sits in the middle of the restaurant completely full of freshly baked homemade breads and specialty homemade sweet breads. Red Rock makes three homemade breads; White, Wheat, and Multi Grain. They also make many different homemade sweet breads; Lemon Blueberry, Almond Poppy Seed, Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Pumpkin (seasonal), Pull-A-Part Loaf, and Cobblestone. Each day Red Rock bakes all their made from scratch goods first thing in the morning to provide the people with the best and freshest foods. As you walk into Red Rock you can smell that sweet intoxicating fresh baked bread smell that makes you gain five pounds immediately! It is utterly satisfying. You walk up to the counter and order, fix your coffee or drink, then have a seat. Alex was lucky this bright beautiful sunshine filled morning, because there is no outdoor seating so once again we sat in the AC that he loves so much.

While waiting for our food I sipped on my coffee, which I found to be so smooth and delightful I had to know where the coffee came from. After doing some research, Alex found they get their coffee beans from Henderson Coffee. Henderson Coffee is an Oklahoma coffee roaster located in Muskogee and was established in 1923. I found myself wishing they had bags of Henderson Coffee to purchase, because it was so good! If you are ever looking for just a good cup of coffee, you should definitely stop by and grab a cup from Red Rock. For breakfast I chose to try one of the Breakfast Bowls with sausage. The breakfast bowls are served with your choice of meat or veggie, scrambled eggs, and queso cheese. It is also Keto friendly! In all honesty, the breakfast bowl was not my favorite. The eggs were over cooked, but the queso cheese was fantastic! I always enjoy a good breakfast bowl, but most have cheddar cheese or sometimes a mixed cheese blend. Having that perfectly melted, creamy, and slightly spicy queso in the breakfast bowl, is genius and all around better! Scarlett and Alex both ordered the Jalapeno Sausage Roll. If you don’t like jalapeno they do have a regular sausage option. I must say Red Rock does a wonderful job with their sausage rolls. They take this large piece of jalapeno sausage, wrap it in cheese, encase it with freshly made dough, and then bake it to perfection. I love everything about the Jalapeno Sausage Roll. The bread is sweet, fresh, and soft. The sausage is juicy and tender, with that impeccable jalapeno flavor. Then add the cheese, AHHH my mouth is watering just thinking about it all over again! Wonder if they will deliver to SC? After some hearty breakfast, it was time for something sweet. Scarlett and I chose to split one of Red Rock’s Cinnamon Rolls. Their Cinnamon Rolls are huge, and perfect to split! It was hard not to eat the entire cinnamon roll though, but I refrained and shared. It was rich, and creamy with a center that was warm and gooey. Perfection! After eating entirely too much for breakfast, I decided to grab few things to take home to my husband and son. A loaf of Red Rocks Lemon Blueberry sweet bread for John, and a Cinnamon Roll for West. I also grabbed a loaf of their Wheat bread for me! I don’t even know if West tasted the cinnamon roll he ate it so fast! John and I have both enjoyed the Lemon Blueberry sweet bread. It is the most moist sweet bread I have ever had in my life! Literally all you have to do is pick the bread up in its packaging and you can feel how moist it is! The blueberries you can tell are fresh, and the bread is not over the top with the lemon. I love it! With their Wheat Bread I have made breakfast sandwiches, garlic toast, and french toast. All were fantastic! Their homemade breads are definitely worth trying, I really hope to try their Whole Grain bread and their Banana Nut sweet bread next time!

This foodie is very happy that her last experience in Oklahoma was a great one! Scarlett and Alex you guys sure do know where all the good spots are!

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