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The Hideaway (My Oklahoma Travels)

After eating Nooki for lunch, I did not think it was possible to get any more excited about food. Boy was I wrong! Scarlett and Alex decided to order delivery from a Stillwater favorite for dinner. The Hideaway, located at 230 S Knoblock, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074, is the original of all the Hideaway locations. The Hideaway was founded in 1957, and was originally called the Campus Hideaway. According to The Hideaway’s web page, “Richard Dermer got a job as a delivery driver his freshman year at OSU, and three years later, at age 20 he and Marti Dermer bought it so they could pay for college.”( After purchasing the Campus Hideaway they decided to change the name to The Hideaway. Richard and Marti Dermer take pride in growing their businesses and employing OSU students to help them get through college. I love eating at places that have deep roots and a good history, and The Hideaway has just that. I did not actually get to go into The Hideaway because we got delivery, but from looking at their website I truly missed out. The decor of The Hideaway is unique to say the least. I am not going to spoil it for you though, you will have to go check it out for yourself. I will give you a hint. Kites!

Pizza is not always the easiest to review. Everyone has their own opinion on what type of pizza they enjoy. I, personally, like a thinner crust and big slices. Some may like deep dish Chicago style, others like Domino’s or Pizza Hut. Not saying saying Domino’s or Pizza Hut is terrible, but they are not great pizza. So what makes pizza great? I say it’s the flavor and texture of the crust, the sauce, and the topping to dough ratio. The Hideaway is making what I believe to be great pizza! First of all, the crust is nice and crispy with just that perfect amount of butter teasing your taste buds. It is not a thick crust, and it is not a super thin crust either. It is the perfect crust. I can eat multiy slices and not get overly full from all the bread. The sauce is bursting with fresh tomato flavor! It contains just the right amount of season that compliments the pizza rather than over power it. It also has a slightly sweet after taste that is absolutely delightful. The cheese is executed perfectly! It’s a lot of cheese, but when you bite in and pull away it doesn’t take all the toppings off your pizza. This means they cook it at the perfect temperature and do not over melt the cheese. How they do the toppings is my favorite part about this pizza. All the toppings, no matter what you get, is perfectly chopped into tiny pieces, and then evenly distributed over the entire pizza. This is a home run! I loathe when I order pizza and some pieces don’t even have the mushrooms or chicken on it! You have to order “extra” mushrooms or “extra” chicken, which cost more. Sometimes even with “extra” you still get pieces missing toppings, but not when you get pizza at The Hideaway! Lastly the topping to dough ratio is ideal. There is more topping than breading, but not so much that the pizza has to be folded like a taco. This pizza is AWESOME!

If you are ever near Stillwater The Hideaway is a must try! There are also seven in Tulsa Oklahoma, eight in Oklahoma City, one in Bartlesville Oklahoma, and three about to be four in Arizona. Don’t forget though if your anywhere other than Stillwater look for Hideaway, there is only one “The” Hideaway. Thank you Scarlett and Alex for treating me to such an amazing pizza!

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