Nooki Sushi-Poke-Burrito (My Oklahoma Travels)

After a wonderful nights rest, Scarlett and Alex took me to a Stillwater original for lunch. Nooki only has one location located at 405 S Washington Street, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074. When you walk into Nooki you get this modern fresh earthy feel. They have large community tables, booths that outline the entire dinning area, and stool seating right at the windows. There are succulents that sit sparingly throughout the dining area, as well as large succulent wall planters covering an entire section of the dinning wall. The yellow chairs that decorate some of the tables are a perfect touch to the modern decor. At Nooki you order at the counter, take a number, then find a seat. There is no outdoor seating so Alex was very happy to be enjoying the AC while we dined in!

Nooki has a wonderful sushi menu, but they also serve signature poke bowls and sushi burritos. After some debating, we decided on Sushi. We ordered five rolls to split three ways. The Yummy Roll, Dragon Roll, King Crab Roll, Peanut Roll, and the Spicy Salmon Roll, were our assortment of choices. The Yummy Roll and Dragon Roll are hands down my two favorites! The Yummy Roll is a combination of eel, crab meat, jalapeno, and creamed cheese perfectly rolled and topped with salmon and avocado. As you bite into this sensational roll you taste and savor the creamy textures of cream cheese and avocado, a hint of salmon, a slight kick of spice from the crisp jalapeno, and the delectable tender eel and crab meat. We were suppose to be sharing the rolls, but secretly I wanted to run away with this one! The Dragon Roll contains shrimp tempura and cucumber, then topped with avocado, eel, and shredded crab meat. This was a large roll to bite, but worth stuffing your face with. No matter how ridiculous I looked/felt! With each piece you get this amazing crunch from the perfectly fried shrimp tempura, an overwhelming flavor of rich mayo from one of the sauces that is drizzled over the top, a delightful taste of sweet cucumber, a smooth texture of avocado, and the slightly cooked juicy eel. Wow, mind blown! The King Crab Roll, though not in my personal top two, is a very close second. Scarlett mentioned this was one of her favorites. She really loved that the entire roll was fried! The King Crab is a roll stuffed with crab salad and cream cheese, then rolled up and deep fried. When biting into this roll, you taste fried cream cheese with just the right amount of crab salad. Simple, tasteful, yummylicious! The Peanut Roll is one of the vegetarian rolls Nooki offers. It is filled with honey roasted peanuts and avocado. I did not know if I was going to like it, but it was very good. I really loved the fresh taste of the avocado and the honey roasted peanuts combined together! I hope to try some more of their vegetarian options next time. Scarlett and Alex have friends who are vegetarians, and the Peanut Roll is their personal favorite. Last but not least, the Spicy Salmon Roll. I have to say this was not my favorite roll, but I am also one who likes a lot of different flavors and textures when it comes to sushi. The Spicy Salmon Roll is salmon and cucumber rolled up and topped with green onion. The salmon was tender with a kick, and then you get just that little crunch from the cucumber. A solid, well done, fresh tasting Spicy Salmon Roll.

This foodie loves Nooki’s sushi! I do believe I may have to fly to Stillwater for a visit with Scarlett and Alex, and Nooki! If you are ever near Stillwater this place is a must try!

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