Apple Spice

During this time of quarantine due to COVID-19, I have discovered a glimmering ray of sunshine called Apple Spice. Apple Spice has many locations all over the U.S., including two (about to be three) in South Carolina. At 6185 Rivers Avenue, Suite M
North Charleston, SC 29406 you will find the Apple Spice I have come to know and love. Apple Spice is a box lunch delivery and catering company that has been around since 1988.  Now don’t let “catering” or “delivery” deter you from getting a lunch for one or even two people. You can absolutely order a single box and go pick it up!

Each Apple Spice box is perfectly packaged with your meal choice, a pickle, a bag of chips or your choice of side, a cookie, and a York peppermint patty. It also comes with a packet of mayo, mustard, and a cutlery set with a napkin. It has everything you need! I have had many catered lunches/box lunches since the start of COVID-19 and none have been so neatly and perfectly packaged like Apple Spice. To me presentation means a lot, and Apple Spice has truly out done the competition. Just as a side note this box is $9.99 and it is called the Classic Box Lunch, but there is also a Deluxe Box Lunch for $10.99 and an Executive Box Lunch for $12.99, with each upgrade you get a little something extra.

Apple Spice has an amazing menu of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups that will have you ordering time and time again. So far I have two favorite sandwiches, and one favorite wrap. Yes I have eaten here that much! My number one sandwich choice is the Manhattan Roast Beef. This heavenly sandwich is made on a 13-grain bread that is so fresh and soft it will stick to your teeth. The lean roast beef is so tender and delicious it will have your mouth watering. It is perfectly layered with lettuce and topped with a spread of cream cheese. Yes, I said cream cheese! Then, to make it even more appetizing, they serve it with a side of BBQ sauce for dipping. I do not generally eat roast beef sandwiches (too much meat not enough good flavor) and definitely not as a first choice, but this sandwich is my first and number one choice. Apple Spice made it that good! My second favorite sandwich is the Cashew Chicken Sandwich. This scrumptious sandwich is served on sourdough bread, which is so good you will want to take home an entire loaf. The cashew chicken mixture itself is a juicy perfectly seasoned chicken breast shredded and mixed with mayo, sweet celery, and onions. Then layered with lettuce and topped with cashews. Now I have always been a chicken salad fan, but this cashew chicken has taken chicken salad to the next level and won! As far as my favorite wrap goes, it is the Turkey and Swiss all the way. You can also get it as a sandwich, I have personally had it both ways, both are delicious but the wrap rocks my taste buds just a smidgen more. The Turkey and Swiss wrap is served in a tomato basil wrap and filled with delicious oven roasted turkey, swiss cheese, and lettuce. Then on the side, they give you their signature honey mustard sauce that is to die for. Apple Spice makes such simple but tasty sandwiches and wraps and then they give you this mind blowing side of dipping sauce that when combined with the sandwich or wrap makes your taste buds go bonkers for more.

Apple Spice has many different side options for your meal, including; chips, carrot chips, pasta salad, potato salad, frogeye salad, and fresh fruit. I highly recommend trying the potato salad. Now I will be honest I have tried potato salad at least hundred times if not more in my lifetime, and I am not a fan. With onions, without onions, more mayo, extra mustard, warm, or cold, doesn’t matter I have tried it enough to know it is not my favorite. However, I am so thankful for the day my Apple Spice box came with potato salad and I actually decided to give it a try. Apple Spice does not make the traditional potato salad. Their potato salad contains freshly cut and cooked potatoes, sour cream, bacon, and scallions. All mixed together to make the perfect potato salad. Honestly all Southerners should take a note from Apple Spice and make potato salad this way always!

This foodie is all about Apple Spice! Now go grab some box lunches and have a picnic, or tell your boss to have them cater the next meeting or function! You will not regret it!

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