Hyman’s Seafood

Down in the heart of the Lowcountry, located at 215 Meeting Street Charleston SC, is Hyman’s Seafood. Hyman’s has been in this location for 126 years! Hyman’s started out in 1890 as a wholesale dry goods store, but in 1987 Hyman’s became Hyman’s Seafood. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Brad Gena on my last visit. He came to our table and thanked us for coming in that night, he was genuinely excited to know we were repeating guests, and he gave my son a $2 coupon to get a scoop of ice cream from the general store down stairs. Any restaurant where an owner personally goes to each table, is a place where I want to be a regular. Hyman’s Seafood is an amazing restaurant with some of the best food you can eat, and a staff that will make you feel like your apart of the Hyman’s family.

As you stand outside waiting on a table, you are actually in luck because they let you try one of their amazing hushpuppies! The hushpuppies come with all dinners or as an appetizer (if you want an entire basket of these delicious morsels of goodness). I have never liked hushpuppies until I had them from Hyman’s. They are perfectly fried with a hint of sweetness and a light subtle taste of butter. They are perfection! After your name is called because your table is ready, you walk through the restaurant and see a large array of celebrity photos covering the walls. Some signed, some not. But each one of those celebrities, I found out, has eaten at Hyman’s Seafood. When you get to your table you will see small placards at each seat that have the name of a celebrity that has sat right where you are sitting. This was my favorite part. I love a restaurant with a uniqueness about it and Hyman’s Seafood definitely has that. I got to sit at the same place where Sinbad had sat! Another neat little add, was what is located in the center of each table. Different colored cards that contain anything from inspirational quotes to things women say vs. what it means (I gave this one to my 10 year old son and said he needed to keep it for when he starts dating). My favorite card was actually the card that had 40 things to know about having a great marriage. I, myself just got married about two years ago and the advice on the card was actually really good advice so I saved it. The card now sits on my nightstand and I read it every morning. (You are allowed to take the cards BTW)

Now on to what everyone I am sure wants to know, THE FOOD! The food here is amazing! I have been to Hyman’s Seafood three times now and tried something different every time, and I was never disappointed. My two favorite appetizers are the Fried Pickles and the Carolina Delight! The fried pickles are like none I have ever had. Most restaurants buy the big jars of dill pickle chips and fry them, but here they take those whole mini pickles chop them into fat slices and fry them up! Best fried pickles I have ever had hands down. Now the Carolina Delight is actually a fried grit cake and you can top it with your choice shrimp, salmon, or salmon croquette. The waitress told us it’s their version of shrimp and grits taken up a level. I personally got mine with shrimp, and it was to die for! Now for entrees, so hard to decide what to recommend here because so many things are good. Personally I love the Build your own Platter. There are so many mix and match options, and you can do a choose two or choose three, I love it. First I usually always go with fish. You get a choice of three different kinds at Hyman’s Seafood, not just one, but three! And the three fish options are located all over the restaurant on dry erase boards. (The Catfish has been my favorite so far!) Next I either go shrimp or oysters. Both are fantastic! Now the shrimp you can do Regular, BBQ, or Buffalo which is really cool and all three ways are delicious. So far the Buffalo is my favorite, but I do love their cocktail sauce so I got them Regular this last time. The oysters are seriously amazing and its always such a tough choice between them or shrimp. Now for the third choice (because I do the choose three) I get the crab cake topped with remoulade. I love crab cakes and sometimes they are hit or miss, but Hyman’s Seafood has perfected the crab cake and it is definitely a must try! Their northern style crab cake is a moist fried cake full of fresh lump crap meat that will have your mouth watering with every bite. If you don’t want the crab cake as a meal, but still want to try it, you can always do it as an appetizer. So once you have made your choices you also get to choose how you want it all cooked; fried, broiled, cajun, light cajun, sauteed, steamed, scampi, dry broiled, or bourbon glazed. Wow, mind blown! I love all the options and it just makes me want to keep going back to try it all different ways! Now for sides. The french fries are huge thick cut fries and are perfectly seasoned, you can also get them Cajun style which I highly recommend. The other side I love is the fried okra. I don’t know what batter they use to fry the okra in but I wish I had the recipe. I could continue to go on and on about the food at Hyman’s Seafood, but I will not, I gave my recommendation and now you should go try it!

After you eat, pay the bill, and tip your waitress well, you walk toward the exit. You will quickly notice upon exiting that the exit is the general store. Now I know my blog is all about food, but I will say this. You must try the salt scrubs. They have so many delicious smells, and the scrubs are amazing! I personally own several of them and they make your body feel so clean and moisturized. Just try it yourself at one of the many sample sinks.

LowCountry Foodie loves Hyman’s Seafood!

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