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Redneck Wine and Cheese (The Last of My Oklahoma Travels)

My last night in Oklahoma was absolutely fantastic. Scarlett and Alex did not take me to any more restaurants. Instead we spent time together at their home, hanging out, talking, and enjoying the last little bit of time I had left. We sat in lounge chairs on their back porch, and enjoyed the wonderful Oklahoma weather. Alex was not very happy to be outside when there was a perfectly good house with AC, but he stayed for a while. After dinner, and several mixed drinks and a bottle of wine later, Scarlett jumped up out of her lounge chair. As she ran inside excitedly she says, “I have something to share with you, and you must write about it in a blog!” I sat there thinking, “What on earth is she about to show me?” When she came back outside she had a bottle of Broke Ass wine, and the biggest container of Cheese Balls I have ever seen. You see Scarlett loves wine and cheese, but she also loves to budget. Wine can be expensive all on it’s on, and when trying to pair it with a nice cheese it can be costly. So Scarlett came up with what she calls Redneck Wine and Cheese. Now, you may be thinking this can not be good. Trust me I was thinking the same thing, but it is actually perfect! She chose the perfect wine, a nice red blend. I am not sure how this would taste with a sweeter wine, I personally do not care for eating cheese with sweet wines, but the red blend was perfect! The Utz Cheese Balls combined with the wine was just like sitting there at a fancy dinner party drinking wine and eating cheese. Only redneck style. Barefoot and lounging it on the back porch. Trust me when I say if you like wine and cheese you must try this at least once!

This foodie had a great time in Oklahoma. I am sad to be saying goodbye. Scarlett and Alex thank you guys for everything, I can not wait to see you in July! Be prepared to be shown the best of the Low Country. Home sweet home I go!


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