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Low Country Foodie

Your guide to the most amazing food all over the South Carolina Low Country.

Welcome to my Lowcountry Food Blog!

About me

My name is Hannah and I am a foodie. What is a foodie? A foodie is someone who loves food. Its that simple.

I have always loved food, and I have always appreciated the experience food can give you. From the moment I walk into a restaurant I can feel the history and see a story begin to unfold. I sit down at at a table and I am inspired by the smells, the music, the people, and the atmosphere surrounding me.

The menu is always my favorite, reading it from cover to cover to get an understanding of what type of food I am going to be enjoying. I try something different, a chef special, something that will excite my taste buds every time. Even if I have been to a restaurant more than once I never have a usual, I always want something new.

My husband told me I have a talent that could help people. He said, “Start a blog, get the word out there, where is good to eat and what is good to eat.” So here I am. I want to help people like you find the perfect place to eat with the best food imaginable, get ready for your foodie experience!

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