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The perfect one of a kind brunch spot.

If you are looking for a one of a kind brunch spot, look no further my friends. Located at 547 King Street Charleston, SC is the famous Prohibition, where you come for the food and you stay for the brilliantly created cocktails. As you step into the front door you quickly realize why this place is called prohibition. It’s like stepping back into the 20’s. As you make your way into the restaurant you notice the bourbon barrel ceilings, and wood walls. The feeling of the 20’s soon comes to light as you see the vintage art work and clothing style of the workers uniforms. Jazz music playing live on stage fills the air, and the smell of charred wings tickles your nose. The beautiful wooden tables are adorned with unique mismatched chairs, and set with cloth napkins, silverware, and mason jar glasses. After being seated make sure to take your time on your food choice, for this place does not hold back on deliciousness, and then ask your server for the full drink menu, trust me you are going to want it!

The brunch drink menu is wonderful! It has all the picture perfect brunch drinks with an inspired flare from Beverage Director Jim McCourt. Your classic Bloody Mary, a Mimosa, and even a Breakfast Milk Punch that consist of a cinnamon toast crunch infused bourbon, dark rum, milk, and nutmeg. And that is just the beginning. But If you want to take a walk on the wild side for brunch ask for the full drink menu. I am a bourbon girl so my recommendations here are one sided, but the 547 Manhattan and the Bacon Maple Old Fashioned are remarkable. The 547 Manhattan is a a tasteful blend of Templeton rye, Noilly Prat Rouge, Grand Marnier, Angostura, and a single Amarena cherry that is smooth with every sip, where as the Maple Bacon Old Fashioned is a flawless combination of bacon infused Makers Mark, maple syrup, Angostura, Scrappys orange, and citrus zest that will have you feeling like your living in the 20’s. To diversify myself slightly I tried the Gran Rosta Coffee, which was an impeccable choice for dessert after my meal. This creative cocktail consist of Kilbeggan Irish whiskey, coffee, Demerara, fresh whipped cream, and topped with popcorn powder. This foodie went for the food and stayed for the drinks.

Prohibition offers a lunch, brunch, and dinner menu. However; my favorite, is brunch. Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., and they always have a band playing live music. The brunch menu is short and sweet, but holds some of Chef Greg Garrison’s best work in my opinion. I personally have several all time favorite dishes, that I would highly recommend, and we will start with the the Crispy Chicken Melt. This delightful, perfectly encrusted, juicy, fried chicken sandwich will have your taste buds in a down right frenzy with each bite. It is served on toast with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and a smoked 1000 island dressing that will have you licking your plate clean. It is traditionally served with french fries, but I substitute for their crisp and sweet fresh fruit, which is perfect for brunch. Now if burgers are more your thing, you are in luck, because the Brunch Burger is also one of my favorites and definitely worth a try. The Brunch Burger is a grass-fed Angus beef patty, topped with a fried green tomato, crispy bacon, chili-garlic hollandaise, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg sunny side up. Make sure to have your napkin close because this big boy gets messy quick but you will love every bit of it. Choose whatever side you want with this burger, but if you ask me you should get the bacon home fries. These hand cut cubed fries are a foodgasm that you are not going to regret. Masterfully cooked and seasoned and topped with bacon, I wish I knew how to make these myself. Dip them in the egg running off your burger and you are sure to be in food heaven. Lastly, and an absolute must try, are the Charred Wings. The Charred Wings are rubbed down in a Memphis dry rub and sweet vinegar, then cooked to absolute perfection. The wings are then placed so eloquently on a board that is drizzled with Gorgonzola ranch and a carrot-chile emulsion and topped with fresh parsley. With every bite your eyes will be in the back of your head these wings are so good. This foodie will definitely be going back to Prohibition and you should too!

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